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MACARONS: Third time’s a charm

Not to be confused it’s MACARONS, not macaroons with the double O— it uses desicated coconut as the main ingredient, while the Macarons I have been obsessed with are made with finely ground Almond powder, Powdered sugar, folded in whipped egg whites or what we know as “meringue”. It is then baked until the “foot” comes out. Foot, you ask? Yes, a French macaron is not a French macaron without it’s famous feet…it’s a cracky ringlet surrounding the sides.

  I’ve been obsessed with baking macarons for months. By baking, of course, I mean failing. There always seems like there is something that can go wrong. It could be the folding, it could be the unscientific drying time or the humidity but something always goes wrong. Rarely do I get a sheet pan of perfectly formed macarons After two, not-so-blogworthy attempts, I put down the spatula and started researching, poured through cookbooks, and googled countless recipes.  

«Making French macaron is not so easy at all. For those who got them right on the first try, are either geniuses or just plain lucky. The temperature and baking time alone may vary depending on the size of the macaron. And not all ovens are created the same. I guess, if one should fail the first time, they should try again with a different temperature or baking time until they get it right.

 I’m quite happy with my last try. But I will definitely try making these macarons again until I get it super duper perfect and right!…Never say die! Tomorrow is another day! ;)

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